(English) Green and sustainable finance

(English) Green and sustainable finance

355 M DH Green Bonds issue

1st green financial center in Africa (GGFI 2023)

40th international green financial center (GGFI 2023)

7 partnerships for green and sustainable finance

According to experts, Africa is the continent most vulnerable to the damaging effects of climate change: rampant desertification, falling agricultural yields, deforestation, deteriorating coastlines, irreversible losses in biodiversity, climate refugees… The continent’s historical responsibility is, after all, limited, since Africa accounts for only 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Yet the continent accounts for less than 5% of international green and sustainable financial flows.

As one of Africa’s leading financial centers, and as part of its development strategy to 2025, Casablanca Finance City aims to support the continent’s transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy by channelling and consolidating investments in green projects on the continent (renewable energies, sustainable infrastructure, mobility & transport, buildings & urban planning, etc.).

CFC’s ambitions as a green financial center serving Africa

Building a green and sustainable finance ecosystem

  • Set up a dedicated value proposition
  • Attract major international players in green and sustainable finance (funds, service providers, etc.).
  • Massifying green investment flows towards African opportunities

International partnerships

Capacity building & promotion

  • Conferences & seminars
  • Technical workshops
  • Working groups

Initiatives undertaken as part of CFC’s green positioning


Sustainable finance roadmap

In partnership with key players in the Moroccan financial sector


International cooperation

Expertise exchange platform & Platform for the exchange of best practices among African financial centers


Workshops & Working Groups

– Green incentives, Assesment Program
– Launch principles UNEP FI Positive Impact


Green Bonds issue

355 M Dhs to finance the extension of the CFCA green real estate program


Conferences & capacity building


Promotion & Awareness

In Morocco & abroad

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