CFC was represented by Lamia Merzouki, Deputy General Manager and co-Chair of the FC4S, at the annual review webinar organized by KIFC

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Kigali International Financial Centre organized its annual review webinar, “The State of Play of International Financial Centers: Collaboration or Competition”, featuring a panel of financial center leaders.

CFC was represented by Lamia MERZOUKI, Deputy General Manager of CFC and co-Chair of the UNDP Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S). “We are witnessing what we call ‘coo-petition’ among international financial centers, a mix between collaboration and competition”, said Mrs Merzouki.

As an African financial center, CFC has a co-development and co-emergence approach, rather than a competition mindset. Africa has a huge untapped potential and the only way to accelerate our development is to work together to leverage synergies and economies of scale.

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