The “Casa Anfa” project was developed on the historic site of Casablanca’s former airport. The goal is to grant Casablanca, the economic capital of the country, an international dimension.
A historic location 

Also known as “Camp Cazes”, this location was one of the oldest mail route stopovers. Built in the early twentieth century, the terminal quickly became a major point of service for airmail delivery between Europe to Africa. After being destroyed in the 1940s, the terminal was refurbished at the end of the Second World War. This historic site has hosted legendary planes such as the DC-3, the DC-4 or the Constellation of Air France as well as several historically famous pilots during their stopovers, such as, Henri Guillaumet, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Jean Mermoz.

Casablanca’s new city center 

With its 350 hectares,”Casa Anfa” is the new city center. “Casa Anfa” is firmly committed to sustainable development. The project devotes, not less than a third of the development to green spaces, including a 50 hectare park.

The “Casa Anfa” zone is an upscale project offering high-standard real estate and a luxorious living environment with:

• A functional mix: Offices, housing, shops,… The business district is home to leading financial institutions.

CFC business district

The CFC business district, covering an area of ​​100 ha (including 50 ha of green space), is home to leading financial institutions and companies.

To identify more precisely the office spaces that are part of the CFC business district, please contact the CFC team by sending your request to

Large green spaces

Anfa Park is located at the heart of the Casa Anfa project, a green lung in the project and for the city of Casablanca. The program includes the development of an initial 18 hectare section, sports tracks, children’s play areas, an exhibition hall and a Skatepark. Kiosks and restaurants will enliven the public space. A green promenade has been designed around fresh and city gardens.

• Cultural, social and sporting infrastructures
• Availability of educational and health institutions
• A high-level security protocol

Casa Anfa is equipped with excellent connectivity:
• Two tram stations
• A high-speed train station (TGV)
• Important road links with: airport, city center, residential areas, other Moroccan cities such as Rabat, El Jadida or Marrakesh

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