As part of its 2025 development strategy, Casablanca Finance City supports the emergence of high-potential business segments, including FinTechs (Financial Technologies).

The acceleration of digital transformation in the financial sector, the growing adoption of mobile banking, e-wallets, electronic payments or even the radical change in consumer aspirations and behaviors are all levers promoting financial innovation.

In partnership with various stakeholders in Morocco, CFC has initiated a promising initiative: The Africa Innovation Lab (AIL).

The AIL aims to inspire, attract, and bring out the best innovative African startups in the field of finance and connect these to business opportunities around the world.

In this perspective, AIL hosts events and initiatives bringing together key players in the financial innovation landscape (startups, regulatory authorities, banks, insurance companies, investment funds, professional service providers, incubators/accelerators, academia, etc.).

Thanks to CFC’s dense network of international partnerships establishing ties with renowned financial centers (London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, Luxembourg, Abu Dhabi, Toronto, etc.), AIL offers its members exposure and scale-up opportunities worldwide.

AIL’s Value proposition

Access to regulatory authorities (Office hours, 1-on-1 sessions, guidance, follow-ups…)

Bridges to international Fintech ecosystems, via CFC’s network of international partnerships

Access to market (banks, insurance companies, CFC community members

Capacity building & training

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